About Us

During our early morning conference prayer calls from earlyprayer.com, we began to discuss some of the questions that we men had. What began as a 5a.m. 15 minute conference prayer call, turned into a group of men sharing their concerns in a very transparent an open forum for support, insight and prayer.

During these transparent conversations one thing seemed to resonate consistently between the men which was the challenges, hurts and desires to be the proper men that God’s Word requires of us. During one of our conversations, one of the men told us about how his wife went to a meeting where it was mentioned that a lot of people think that a 50/50 marriage is a great marriage. However, God’s idea of a marriage is where God commands the husband to love the wife enough to die for her and for the wife to honor and respect her husband. God requires each mate to give to the other 100% as unto Him in honor, service, trust and love.

With that said, we can’t control what our wives do, but we can control the seeds that we sow into their hearts and spirits. If we sow 100% love, what type of result would it have on our marriages? So in lies our goal…to be men that trust, honor and love God enough to love our wives and His daughters enough to give them 100% of love and honor. Not based on what they do, but based on our trust in God and His Word.

The decision has been made. Now we need to work on making that decision a way of life. You’re welcome to listen in as we discuss what we need to do, how we need to act, and the ways we need to think to turn our minds from the worlds way of thinking about men and marriage to the way of thinking that lines up with the Word of God.